"Citizenship is a human right that allows a person to claim one's belonging and live a dignified life"

CAPN originated as a loose network in 2015 to foster connection among stateless individuals and those affected by discriminatory citizenship legislation, pooling efforts to challenge unequal nationality laws. Arising from years of grassroots activism, CAPN officially registered in 2022 as a civil society network. CAPN strives to create meaningful change in citizenship laws and implementation by transforming societal narratives and garnering political will.

Three Pillars of CAPN

CAPN advocates for legal reforms in Nepal/s citizenship laws at both national and international platforms.


Safe Haven pillar focuses on the well-being of stateless individuals with attention to the social, economic, educational, and psycho-social impact of statelessness and the constant denial of belongingness.


A true transformative change cannot be achieved without societal change and grassroots awareness, which is why it is CAPN’s central focus


Reducing and ultimately eradicating statelessness in Nepal


CAPN strives to have an increased capacity to advocate for legal reform and provide support to stateless and affected persons with affected persons leading initiatives to address statelessness resulting in increased support to acquire citizenship for stateless persons, and increased sensitivity and awareness in society on the issue of statelessness in Nepal.

Major Activities

CAPN values collective action, recognizing the power of solidarity. While experts and allies contribute, we emphasize the importance of our collective voice in ...
Between 25 Sep to 29 Oct, 2023, CAPN conducted five school outreach programs on "the Importance of Birth Registration" across three districts - ...
In 2023, CAPN conducted one training of trainers and five advocacy workshops for individuals with lived experience ...


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CAPN advocates for legal reform to reduce and eradicate statelessness in Nepal.

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Success Stories

From navigating legal challenges to fostering grassroots initiatives, these stories speak volumes about resilience, determination, and the transformative power of advocacy led by those directly affected.

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